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This is a new rising star on the horizon of Reality Kings. I really like big asses, so in my humbly opinion and on my personal view – this web site is a really good place-to-stay for any Reality-based porn lover. You cannot deny the fact that asses gathered around here are simply mind blowing and all of the models are fucking killing beauties!

  • Pros:

    Exclusive booty content.
    High quality content.
    Bonus access to the rest of the Reality Kings network
  • Cons:

    Specific content.
    Rare updates.
  • Bottomline:

    Amazing entertaining collection of hot spicy and curvy ladies with gorgeous juicy huge asses!

The Goods:

Reality Kings is well known for its highly exclusive content and unique portfolio of stuff. 40inchlus is what made me (to speak sincerely) turn on immediately, I really wanted to grab any of these booty asses, slap them really hard, tease and knead them playfully and then give them the fuck of their life. The same is gonna happen to you, my bro, if you are a freak and addict of big juicy asses! Although there are tons of big ass web sites and web resources all over the Net, where you can also find hundreds of chicks flashing their huge asses, anyway, 40inchplus remains and (I believe) will stay the leader and the top of the given path, with their real episodes, super hot models, and good quality of the porn.

By the way, concerning quality! All the content is original and exclusive in 40inchplus. You are not gonna stir the web trying to find this content anywhere else around the web. All the movies featured in the member’s area are in mpg and wmv format. Thereby, don’t worry to download them and view the videos on your computer, they are gonna be plaid on any way, because you don’t need to download any special codec to view the videos. The pics are of acceptable-to-enjoy resolution, with all details viewable, so are videos. These guys use expensive and high digital cameras when doing their stuff, so needless to say that one of the best and biggest porn studios in the world would do something bad, hell!

Now, I cannot pass by an additional access to all other 28 bonus sites of Reality Kings network. Once you are a member, you will also get access to all other islands of paradise, each of them giving you special sphere of human’s XX activity, where it is 8strteets Latinas, or Milf hunter, Captain Stabbin or Cum Fiesta. One username and password is all what you need only. There are over 4,000 girls for your pleasure and delight. No run outs of mind blowing sizzling and luscious grapy asses all over you. 3 days trial or membership for a full month is available.

The Bads:

As I have mentioned before, 40inchplus is a reality based adult website. If you’re not much into reality porn, you’d better stay away. This web site also features big bootied ladies, which’s best and most valuable asset is their asses, so if you are not a big freak and lover of big asses and prefer ladies with slim fit and slender complexion of body, then you …..had better stay here anyway, and look for some necessary stuff on other 28 bonus sites?!

Some may say that our cons are nit-picking, and exaggerated, because from overall point of view, the whole assets of this site are excellent, but we cannot miss the fact, somehow disappointing fact that updates come on this site rarely, some times once a month, I really wish they gave us more booty ladies with big round butts fucked really hard for the camera! Because having sex with a slim slender cutie is one but fucking the hell out of round peach big wet ass is true heaven and nothing can match the feelings of anal sex! That’s for sure, my bro!

Conclusion: 89.0

If you really love big juicy booties, I bet you cannot find a place to spend your time and money than 40inchplus. These huge round are 100% amazing and gorgeous, the pictures featuring these butts are wonderful. The whole stuff is turning you on from the very beginning; where else all over the web can you find tons of round curvy asses being pounded thoroughly? In other words: I strongly recommend that you go and become a member of 40inchplus, it is very promising and has got remarkable future, so it is worth your attention and time! Peace!


Cost Trial: $1.00 (2 Days trial )
Monthly: $24.95 (1 Month membership)
Exclusivity content Most Content
Video file types Windows (download)
MPEG (download)
Videos amount 71
Picture sets amount 71