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Two American college guys went to Europe to peruse their education goals, but instead, ended up perusing the hottest and the wettest of European, sluttish pussies. Luckily for us, both guys shoot all their adventures on cameras and we can see all of the scenes and galleries of their porn adventures Euro Humpers. These guys know what’s what in Europe and they definitely have an eye for the hottest of European pussies.

  • Pros:

    Reality content
    Hot European pussies
    Diversity in girls
    Bonus sites
  • Cons:

    Not much content
    Few anal scenes
  • Bottomline:

    If you like reality scenes and not some director orchestrated porn movies, you’ll definitely enjoy Euro Humpers!

The Goods:

If you watch any scene from Euro Humpers, you will at once notice that European babes are so much different from those in America. Filth and fornication are the integral parts of European babes, they definitely are more sluttish, open-minded and it seems they are void of any moral prejudices or whatsoever. It’s not that hard for these American humpers to talk European sluts into getting fucked by them. Judging by what you see at Euro Humpers, riding a bus downdown or getting laid by total strangers is the same thing to most European gals.

These guys are not after young teens only, I was pleased to see them fucking the shit out of Milfs who are 30 years old and more. When you watch the scenes and you see those European milfs getting impaled on those impressive American cocks, you can tell by the look in their eyes that they are really enjoying it.

Euro Humpers fucking playground included babes of different ages, various body types, hair color and more. I can see that they really like to add more diversity to their scenes and each new girl they get onto their cocks is new and kind of unique. All of the gals are so enthusiastic about getting laid that I am now seriously considering going to Europe for a long vacation.

The sense of reality is what makes Euro Humpers so wannable! Imagine that real European girls get picked up in bars, right on the streets, at carnivals and parks. These girls are no porn starts and it’s really fun to see the real porn in action. When you watch the porn guided by a film director, it’s still different, most of the porn actresses are told what to do and we all get a fake feeling, don’t we? With Euro Humpers, it’s 100% real! It’s always exciting to watch and you can never tell what is going to happen next.

The membership to Euro Humpers will include access to bonus sites like 18 Years Old, Freaks of Cock, Real Ex Girlfriends, and Blacks In Becky. Members will also enjoy quite a few video feeds such as ass to mouth, virgin creampie, day in the hood and some more. All in all, the content is quite decent, I’m sure you’ll get pretty busy!

The Bads:

Two guys only, and we have to realize that two of them alone cannot pack the site with huge content and updates. It’s not like the whole American college is hitting Europe. Euro Humpers cannot boast a big number of scenes. Nor can they promise daily updates, but with what they have already and the bonus sites available, it makes me wanna turn a blind eye to that “bad”.

I am a big fan of anal and I just love seeing girls getting butt-fucked. I was somewhat disappointed when most of the scenes ended with girls’ butts untouched. I think the guys should be more persistent and diverse their sexual horizons.

Conclusion: 74.0

These two American guys are fucking more and more of sweet European pussies, both teens and milfs. All of the scenes are real and that means that if we are in Europe, we can try that too! A great site which shows you the things that took place in real life.


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Videos amount 24
Picture sets amount 24