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Wise men say: “Money talks”! Money is the only key to success and prosperity, and that’s true. Have you ever seen a fat dude with sleepy languishing look of his swollen eyelids, wearing some rich suit from Gucci, and riding a fucking expensive car, while being accompanied by an escort of hot steaming sexy girls in tight cloths, which hardly cover their smutty sizzling round curves? That’s the common picture for all types of rich men

  • Pros:

    Exclusive content
    Video galleries are mostly amazing
  • Cons:

    No photos
    No streaming
  • Bottomline:

    Watch hot sexy smutty girlfriends have sex for cash while their boyfriends sit and watch!

The Goods:

I see your eyes roll over and you ask me: “Is it true that there are real girls who get involved in hot sex with complete strangers for cash, with their hubbies and boyfriends watch them or sometimes even join in?” Well, my answer is “yes, my bro”. And I am not kidding. Obscene Offers is the proper and the best name for this web site, cause it is kind of funny and pervert when you walk down the street with your hot girlfriend in hugs, and someone approach you and say: “Well, buddy, I can give you 500$ and then fuck your girlfriends, but you can seat and watch” that sounds fucking hot and blows your mind! Nowhere else can you find the stuff like that off being offered by Obscene Offers.

Dollars rule the world. Once you are in member’s area, you will find approximately 250 videos (now may be even more) with hot sets full of moaning and banging. At first look, most of the couples engaged in here look kind of decent and innocent, normal usual couples, and their first reaction is total amazement and they say NO. But when the price starts increasing, nothing can stop these horny young sluts from opening their legs wide and letting a stranger’s penis bang the hell out of them! I think videos displaying at 480x320; 1231k is more than just enough for you to see all the action in details. Although some of the scenes are blurred, that’s because they were made outside with much of noisy outdoors interference, but the quality of sounds just rocks!

The Bads:

Again, and again, and again. Total absence of photo content leaves you in some half perplexed condition, when you hope to find a few sample picture zip files you might be able to download and then, in quiet peaceful night, unzip your fly, open the photos on your screen and have a few steaming minutes of jack off.

No streaming at all! Hell, some of the web sites contain some drawbacks concerning flash streaming. You cannot see the videos you like before right on the web site, they haven’t added this option since they were launched and that sounds very disappointing to me. Most of the web sites have got this feature; I wish Obscene Offers would do the same.

Conclusion: 83.0

If you really wish to witness a total lapse of all morals and ethics, see another step of persuading and fucking the woman you like, then Obscene Offers manages to run a very promising and highly entertaining web site, with much of exclusive and 100% original reality based content. The number of their movies is more than juts enough to make you remember this site and keep you coming over and over, again and again, until you once find yourself seated on the couch and watch your girlfriend being banged in all the holes by a well hung dude from Obscene Offers! Peace!


Cost Trial: $9.95 (3 Days trial )
Monthly: $29.95 (1 Month membership)
Multi-Mo: $59.95 (3 Month membership)
Exclusivity content All Content
Video file types AVI
DivX (download)
Videos amount 250
Picture sets amount 0