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Just from the start this site looks rather budding to me with lots of fresh faces whom camera never caught before. This site promise exclusiveness of materials and better yet, they assure teens to be virgin to the camera. You’ll get to see a slew of inexperienced babes auditioned by ever-horny porn experts.

  • Pros:

    Bonus sites
    Exclusive materials
    Live Sex Chat
  • Cons:

    No date-stamps
    No updating anymore
  • Bottomline:

    If you care to see how virgin-to-the-camera gals grow into pro porn models than We Need New Talents is what you need. Now you’ve exclusive chance to witness it with your own eyes. Get in here and see how virgin-to-the-camera babes grind away on cock to prove their capability in front of reviewer.

The Goods:

What I can see here is a slew of young hot babes, but better yet, they seem really virgin to the camera with their timid behavior and inexperienced look. But I must say they are doing their utmost to prove their ability to become porn stars. Some girls are here just for fun, to try their pussies and mouth on expert’s dick, others are hard up financially. So you can get to see here hotties of all sorts and demands.

The videos are here available in WMV format measuring 1000k, 320x240and 1200k, 640x480which is more than just enough to provide you delightful crystal-clear video play. Having chosen necessary video from listed categories you’ll be presented at around 8segmented clips. Each clip at the average lasts 1.5 minutes. Also there is full video available which can be downloaded in broadband connection. Downloaded videos are quite capable of delivering delight from watched scenes. Cuz, you’ll see here undoubtedly virgin to the camera babes being impaled in their tight pussies and getting drilled until he comes to verge then he pulls out his meat and gush his load on her fresh face. By the way, in some actions you may notice condom pulled on dick. This once again suggests that babes are here all natural and they don’t live on any pills to prevent accidental pregnancy.

As for the picture galleries they bear resolution up to 720px × 480px which is enough to browse clear pictures in medium sized screens. But if you got big screen and you are big snap-shot buff, so this size might seem rather skimpy for you.

As for the bonus sites, at the main page you’ll get to see the list of 30 network sites which is promised to be fully accessed by the members of this site. Better yet, there are additional 3sizzling hot bonus sites for free. Teen Natural Way, Teen Core Zine and Teen Go Porn, these are additional bonus sites on top of network ones. All these damn hot sites covering all range and variety of hardcore surely will keep you hands full for miles long.

If you are out for some additional fun, this site contain links to free Live Sex Chat sites that promise 7 shows per day and 2 hours each. You may get to know what’s going on there just by browsing easy to access schedule which present you a list of smoking chat babes. On those sites you can chat with sluts for free but if you are out for some stunning performance personally for you, get ready to pay for private talk.

The Bads:

As it has been already mentioned hundreds of times, there are a slew of virgin faces with nicely trimmed or just shaved clean pussy which is very arousing, but for some reason We Need New Talents didn’t include Zipped files which might alleviate download process in a big way. So this is one of the big downers of this site not to mention lack of date stamps that keeps us in the dark.

As I clicked on dial up steaming and downloads I came to know that it’s rather slow. You might be very pleased with content of this site but speed leaves much to be desired. Download speed here is much of a time consumer.

Conclusion: 78.0

If you are out for ass-to-mouth action or some masturbation I must disappoint you, you won’t find it here. But, surely what We Need Talents site can boast is exclusive fresh babes with intact pussies. The site overall, rather engaging with its fresh face content. I was really pleased to watch the way girls become porn models through merciless fuck by interviewer. But there are still some concerns to be rectified such as date-stamps, update consistency and some navigation touch-ups.


Cost Monthly: $29.95 (1 Month membership)
Multi-Mo: $59.95 (3 Month membership) (non-recurring)
Exclusivity content All Content
Video file types Windows (download)
Videos amount 29
Picture sets amount 29